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Stand Out with A Suit Vest on Your Wedding Day

Adding a vest to your wedding day look is the perfect way for a groom to stand out. Here’s 3 reasons a suit vest is a great choice for your wedding day attire:

Elegant Look for Grooms

The most common reason for a groom to wear a suit vest is that it differentiates you from the groomsmen. A 3-piece suit is the perfect look when compared to 2-piece suits worn by the rest of the wedding party. It adds a level of elegant and formal detail that sets you apart on your special day and when you eventually remove the suit jacket for dinner and dancing, you’ll still have an elegant piece on vs simply having just a dress shirt. Keep in mind that your groomsmen won’t be too concerned with keeping their jackets on after the ceremony ends so having a suit vest will keep you looking good and help you stand out from the pack.

If a suit vest still isn’t your particular style, we always recommend that if you don’t opt for a 3-piece suit that you instead wear a different colored suit to contrast your groomsmen.

Great Look for Destination or Warm Weather Weddings

For outdoor or destination weddings we commonly see grooms opt to remove the jacket so that they don’t get hot during the ceremony and reception. For destination or beach weddings specifically, jackets are very uncommon so a suit vest is often the only accessory that will make you stand out from the rest of the party. Vests are thin in terms of fabric so you’ll still be able to keep your cool no matter the conditions and still keep an elegant touch.

Suit Vests Provide a Slim Look

By design, suit vests are naturally slimming as they hide lines in key areas. Suit vests with darker fabrics like black or navy blue are excellent choices for concealing weight and keeping everything in place even in the midst of some serious dancing. Not only will you look good in your wedding photos but you’ll feel good as well.

If you need to find the right wedding look, come to Dolce Vita Suits and let our stylists find the perfect look for your special day. From suit to ties and shoes, we have you covered.

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