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Choosing the Right Watch for Your Suit

Watches are the perfect accessory for any suit as they accentuate the cuff and provide an overall elevated and polished look. The right watch can really make a difference depending on the type of the suit and the occasion with which you’re wearing it. A casual event or even a date where you’re just wearing the jacket means that an smart watch like an Apple Watch or a Galaxy Watch4 should be more than enough but when it comes to formal occasions like weddings, galas or even a big business pitch, that’s where the team at Dolce Vita Suits recommends something much more formal.

Here’s what our in-store stylists recommend when selecting which watch you’ll pair with your suit:

Coordinate your watch with other accessories

One of the easiest things to match will be the watch face itself with the color of your suit or tie. Many brands like Rolex and Omega are known for producing red, blue and green dials that can easily pair with the color of your tie and many other brands offer similar color patterns or changeable watch faces that you can swap in or out depending on attire. Whether you’re a watch aficionado or simply have a few in your entry table drawer, matching the watch and tie is one of the easiest style tricks in the book.

Don’t be afraid be bold with your watch choice

Having a watch that sparks conversation can be a great choice as well. While your suit will be the first thing someone notices, choosing a watch that by itself can become part of the conversation is an art in and of itself. We’re not recommending a neon green wristwatch but we advise when you’re looking to make a statement is something classic, elegant or rustic that provides easy conversation opportunities.

Choose something sentimental

Your watch doesn’t need to match your suit per se, you can choose a watch that has sentimental value. Accessories that have special meaning not only serve as a personal reminder of an occasion but they can help build connection when brought up in conversation.

Choosing the right watch can make all the difference and Dolce Vita Suits has all the right outfits and accessories you can use to build the perfect look. Come by any of our locations today and get styled.

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