The Importance of Proportion in Classical Men’s Clothing

The man who takes care with proportion in his suits and dress shirts always looks good.

Unfortunately, this point is woefully under appreciated today; it’s rare to find a man whose style is understated elegance, the kind of man who people feel is always well dressed without knowing why.

Most men’s suits and dress shirts sold in stores are available in only a few standard sizes and are constructed according to the fashion of their day.

It’s true that with proper tailoring most men can get a reasonable fit out of a retail suit or other garment, but with a suit especially there are so many opportunities for customization that one misses out on a lot when buying off the rack.

Most men’s suit and dress shirts are cut for a hypothetical model, a 1 in 100 man who doesn’t exist. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that most menswear does not flatter those of us who are taller, shorter, thinner, or heavier than the model that brand was cut for.

Most of us would do far better having our suit jackets and trousers adjusted, as that the right cuts and proportions can greatly enhance any man’s appearance. The great dressers of our century knew this.

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